Free up valuable space in your office or at home by scanning.


At Heyrman & Green Bay Blue, we're proud to say that we can scan almost anything in color or black and white in high resolution up to 600 DPI.

Our high-speed scanning capabilities can be the first step in creating a dynamic archive of large or small documents of all types. Eliminate the cost in time and effort of searching through rolls for your drawings. When your drawings are converted to digital files, they can be easily accessed in a matter of seconds directly from your device.

We can scan your existing hard copy library of drawings to PDFs.tifs or .tiffs, or they can be converted to working AutoCAD files. Flat files and storage closets can be cleaned out, giving your office more space! Contact us if you're looking to convert any of these to electronic files:

File Management Services

Once scanned, your digital files can easily be digitally stored, saving you valuable time and space.

Whether you're looking for a simple folder structure, an interactive document, or a comprehensive searchable database, Heyrman & Green Bay Blue can assist you every step of the way.

We can even convert your files to PDFs or bookmarked files.

Not looking for a PDF? We can transfer scans to a CD, DVD, or flash drive.

We can also email them to you, or transfer larger files via our reverse file upload.