Outdoor Material Options

Vinyl Banner

Ideal for general signage and high-quality graphics

  • Gloss Banner: 13 oz., fiber reinforced banner for general purpose signage
  • Premium Block-Out Gloss Banner: 15 oz. premium block-out banner material; extremely smooth for high-quality graphics and signage (available 2-sided)
  • Mesh banner and other banner materials also available

Adhesive Vinyl

Ideal for general purpose graphics, signage, and decals

  • Perforated Window Film: Short-term durability (vehicles), removable; great for indoors, either in the office or at home | 1-3 years, outdoor
  • Permanent Adhesive Vinyl: Short-term vinyl | 2 years, outdoor
  • Removable Adhesive Vinyl: Short term vinyl, clean removal | 2 years, outdoor
  • Avery Premium Car Wrap Vinyl: Medium-term vinyl has Air AdvantageTM systems for easier application | 4 years, outdoor
  • Premium Removable Adhesive Vinyl: Medium-term vinyl for easier application. Great for flat and simple curved substrates | 5 years, outdoor
  • Translucent Adhesive Vinyl: Medium-term vinyl is permanent and made for back litgraphics and signage | 5 years,outdoor
  • More vinyl options available

Rigid Sheets

Ideal for general signage

  • Coroplast: 4 mm thickness, fluted, works well with step stakes, 1-sided or 2-sided
  • PVC: Smooth, solid ridged PVC blanks, 3 and 6 mm thicknesses, 1-sided or 2-sided
  • Aluminum-Faced Metal Sign Blanks: 3 mm thickness, smooth aluminum panels with ridged poly core, longer fading resistance, 1-sided or 2-sided
  • Foam Core: Foam core blanks, 5 mm thickness, 1-sided or 2 sided
  • More rigid sheet options available